Grace Abound Ministries is full of people from all walks of life who want their lives to really mean something. Each of us have come to a real, life-changing experience of the love of God, which is hard to put into words. All we can say is; it has to be experienced to be understood. The Bible has so much to say about life, relationships, healing and forgiveness. We teach and apply the WORD of God as expressed in the Bible to the whole of life, and find God makes all the difference!

These points help to describe our philosophy at Grace Abound Ministries:

1. The Church is not a building – it’s a group of all kinds of imperfect people. In a loving family, people don’t just meet together, but they do life together. We want to help people to work out their problems and deal with issues. In Church life, we feel it’s important that, even though at times there may be disagreements and feathers may get ruffled, you don’t just pack up your bags and move to another Church. We let you realise that each individual has a vital role to play; something to contribute.

2. God is the superstar, not the Pastor, nor anyone else. Writer A. W. Tozer stated a long time ago, “It is scarcely possible in most places to get anyone to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God.” Here at Grace Abound Ministries, we want Him to get the attention as much as possible.

3. The Church is a home, not a supermarket. Christians often look for a Church as if they’re shopping at a store, but we believe that God links people to a group of His kids where they feel as though they belong and are at home. Likewise, we want anybody who comes to Church not knowing much or anything about God, to quickly feel they are valued for who they are, rather than being judged or treated as second class.

4. Everybody is a minister. The Pastor and leaders do not own the market on ministry. Everyone has specific talents and gift to share in Church and in their world.